Save time. Windows 11 will feature customizable voice commands

Save time. Windows 11 will feature customizable voice commands

January 5, 22:05 Share:

Microsoft is launching new shortcut commands that can be controlled by voice (Photo: Microsoft)

The new build of Windows 11 debuted a feature that allows you to create your own voice commands to automatically perform one or more actions.

New voice commands act as shortcut keys. To use it, you need to create a personalized command in advance, assigning a specific action or sequence of actions to a certain word or phrase.

« It's easy to create commands that correspond to a single action, such as opening a URL, or a series of actions performed sequentially. To get started, say “what can I say” [using voice access] and click on the “Voice Shortcuts” tab in the left panel. Or use the “show voice shortcuts” command to directly open the voice shortcuts page. Then click the “Create Team” button to begin the process,” Microsoft explains in a blog post.

Now the function can be used by users of Windows 11 build 26020 ( open to Windows Insider members) who have set up voice access in English.

Earlier, NV Techno wrote that OpenAI released a significant update to its chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT, thanks to which the voice control function became available to everyone. Now all users, regardless of subscription, can talk to ChatGPT.

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