Space debut. ESA has decided on the date of the first flight of the new Ariane-6 rocket

Space debut. ESA has decided on the date of the first flight of the new Ariane-6 rocket

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Ariane 6 will launch into space in 2024 (Photo: ESA)

Europe's next-generation satellite launch vehicle, Ariane 6, is likely to make its maiden flight in mid-2024.

An actual Ariane 6 flight model is expected to be delivered to Europe from French Guiana soon.. And in April preparations will begin for the first flight of the rocket.

According to the BBC, the European Space Agency expects that the first flight could take place in the summer of 2024.

“Assuming everything goes nominally, without major glitches, we expect the first flight of Ariane 6 to take place between June 15 and July 31 next year.. I believe it is very important that we regain our foothold in the launch landscape, and now with a good path to first flight, we are well on our way to achieving this,” ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher said in comments to reporters.

Europe previously dominated large satellite launches. For almost 30 years, the European Ariane 5 has been at the service of the world's telecommunications companies. However, as NV Techno wrote, the previous generation Ariane-5 rocket was decommissioned in July 2023.

Development of Ariane 6, costing around 4 billion euros, is already four years behind schedule. Delays in launching the new rocket have limited the European continent's ability to independently launch satellites into orbit.

The Ariane 6 engine was successfully tested last week.. This test was the most important of the pre-flight tests the rocket must undergo.

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