Telegram received its final update in 2023 — call improvements and new bot features

Telegram developers released today the final messenger update this year. Over the past year, a total of ten major updates to this service have been released, and in the last one, the developers paid special attention to improving calls and bots, and also added some other functions.

Calls in the messenger have now become even more attractive: the appearance of this option has been redesigned, new animations and backgrounds have been introduced that change depending on the stage of the call — call, conversation and end. An important improvement is the reduction of power consumption during calls, which will save device power. It is also noted that the calling feature should work better on older devices with low performance.

The developers also said that in 2024 they plan to further improve connection stability and sound quality during calls.

An interesting innovation for users of the Telegram application on Android will be the so-called “Thanos snap”. This function provides the ability to use the animation of messages turning into dust when deleted. Previously, the feature was only available on iOS.

Bots on Telegram received a significant update. They've added dozens of new features to their feature set, including the ability to send reactions to messages, manage reactions, quotes and links, and the ability to reply in other chats. Now bots with administrator rights in channels can receive information about prize draws and votes from users.