Tested LSS for scalped Intel processors — heating decreased by more than 20 °C

Well-known overclocking enthusiast Roman “Der8auer” Hartung tested a prototype of the EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB liquid cooling system, which is designed to cool scalped Intel LGA 1700 processors. And although this is just a prototype, the results obtained were very impressive.

Image source: der8auer

As you know, if you remove the metal cover from the processor, you can not only lose the warranty (and a certain number of nerve cells), but also provide much more efficient cooling. Especially for enthusiasts who prefer scalped chips, EKWB is preparing a life support system that can be used with such chips without modification. It is currently available for pre-order.

Der8auer explains that the EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB AiO is an unusual product because it is designed exclusively for systems with scalped 12th, 13th and 14th generation Intel Core desktop processors. EK designed a special water block base with a protruding part in the center to ensure the best contact with the scalped CPU die. Also included in the LSS delivery package will be a special mounting plate, which, in combination with the included rear reinforcing plate, will replace the standard socket clamping frame.

The enthusiast noted that in the future he will compare the EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB AiO cooler with the best custom liquid cooling systems, but for now he wants to establish a baseline to give viewers an idea of the potential of the new product on offer.

The diagram below compares the temperatures of a processor with a Corsair A115 air cooler and with a prototype LCS from EK. Both coolers were installed on a scalped Core i9 -13900KS, which was used to run the Cinebench R23 test to create a load. To install the Corsair A115, a prototype of the Thermal Grizzly copper processor cover was additionally used instead of the standard one.. According to Der8auer, this lid provides a gain of 6-8 °C compared to the standard one.

The graph shows a significant advantage of the EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB AiO cooler. LSS provided up to 15 °C lower temperature. If we believe the enthusiast's statements about the properties of the custom cover, with a standard processor the difference in temperature would reach 20 ° C or even higher.

In terms of performance, the air-cooled chip scored around 38,300 points in Cinebench R23, while the liquid-cooled chip scored just over 39,100 points. The CPU frequency was more stable at 5.6 GHz when using AiO, while it often dropped to 5.4 GHz when using an air cooler.

Perhaps the downside for the EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB AiO cooling system is that it is coming out towards the end of the LGA 1700 era. Der8auer admitted that he does not know what will need to be done to ensure compatibility of the new product with Intel Core 15 processors -th generation.

The EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Direct Die D-RGB is available for pre-order in Europe for €200. Sales should begin by the end of March.