The hackers dispersed. Another major game developer has become a victim of cybercriminals

The hackers dispersed. Another major game developer has become a victim of cybercriminals

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Ubisoft was attacked by hackers (Photo: Cadista/Depositphotos)

Shortly after the scandalous hack of Insomniac Games and the leak of Rockstar Games, another famous video game developer, Ubisoft, was attacked by hackers.

Last week, Ubisoft's internal services were compromised in a successful hacker attack.. Shortly after, screenshots of the company's internal tools circulated online.

Within 48 hours of the hack, Ubisoft was able to restrict hackers' access to its systems, preventing data theft. It is believed that cybercriminals sought to steal 900 GB of data, including data from users of the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, released in 2015. Ubisoft confirmed that an attack occurred, but refused to disclose details.

“We are aware of the alleged data security incident and are currently investigating. “Right now we have nothing more to share,” company representatives said in a comment to BleepingComputer.

The VX-Underground project published edited screenshots shared by the attacker, allegedly showing that access to the company's Microsoft Teams, Ubisoft SharePoint server and the like was gained. According to the project, the attackers' attempt to obtain Rainbow Six Siege user data was unsuccessful.. However, it is unclear whether they managed to obtain any other sensitive information before Ubisoft stopped their interference.

As NV Techno wrote, Insomniac Games, the PlayStation studio responsible for games such as Marvel's Spider-Man, recently suffered from a hacker attack. Cybercriminals published stolen files online containing both personal data of employees and information about Insomniac Games' plans for future games.

Rockstar Games, the publisher of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, was faced with the theft of a trailer for its new game earlier this month.. The leaked version of the GTA VI trailer was eventually removed, but the incident forced the company to release the video earlier.

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