The promising Russian electric car "Atom" has changed its design — for the sake of aerodynamics and noise reduction

Production of domestic electric vehicles «Atom» will begin in mid-2025. In the meantime, the developer is making improvements to the design of the car.. This time, the manufacturer announced changes to the exterior that will improve aerodynamics, improve handling, reduce noise and body pollution, and increase the power reserve.

Image source: Atom

The upcoming car received new wheel arches and rear-view mirrors. The slope of the hood and the profile of the trailing edge of the hood have been changed, and the radiator grille has movable elements for better aerodynamics. The rear spoiler has been redesigned to give the EV a sportier look and visually lengthen the roofline.. The shape of the diffuser on the rear bumper and C-pillar has been revised to optimize air flow behind the vehicle.

The Atom's front optics have also been redesigned, as has the outline of the functional LED strip. Under the latter there is a radar and a camera for the ADAS 2.0+ active driver assistance system.

The shape of the rear doors was also changed while maintaining their swing concept.. An electric drive was added to open the doors, and therefore the retractable rear door handles were replaced with buttons. The electric car also received reinforced door hinges.. All this should provide greater convenience for the driver and passengers.

The dimensions of the electric vehicle will be 3995 mm in length, 1780 mm in width and 1615 mm in height, with a ground clearance of 170 mm. The only electric motor that will be installed on the rear axle will produce 204 hp. A battery with a capacity of 77 kWh will allow the Atom to travel up to 500 kilometers without recharging. It is also planned to release an all-wheel drive version with a second engine.

This is not the first Atom update in preparation for release. A more ergonomic steering wheel was introduced late last year and the integrated screen has been redesigned.