The release of the dark role-playing game The Thaumaturge from the authors of the remake of The Witcher was postponed again — the developers were afraid of competition

The developers of the isometric role-playing game The Thaumaturge from the Polish studio Fool's Theory (a remake of The Witcher) addressed fans with two news: good and not so good.

Image source: 11 bit studios

The good news is that development of The Thaumaturge is officially complete — the game is ready for release and has even already fallen into the hands of many reviewers around the world.

Not very good news — despite the readiness, the release of The Thaumaturge is postponed again. This time the delay will be only two weeks: instead of February 20, the game will be released on March 4 on PC (Steam, GOG, EGS).

The reason for the transfer is not concern for the quality of the game, but