The size of a city. Comet Devil will explode in space tomorrow

The size of a city. Comet Devil will explode in space tomorrow

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Comet orbit (Photo: Jet Propulsion Laboratory. California Institute of Technology)

Scientists say a large comet, nicknamed the Devil's Comet, is preparing to explode.

This cosmic body got its name because of its shape.

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Scientists have found that the comet is active, exploding ice and gas every two weeks.. The last eruption occurred on December 14, and the next one is expected on December 29 or 30.

The comet officially known as Comet Pons-Brooks ( 12P/Pons-Brooks), is cryovolcanic, which means it is volcanically active, but, unlike terrestrial volcanoes, it does not emit lava, but a mixture of gases and ice.

Scientists have found that Comet 12P rotates over a two-week period, pointing its cryovolcanic vent toward the Sun, causing an intense ejection of material.. This phenomenon occurs when it approaches the Sun. The comet heats up and the pressure in its core increases, causing nitrogen and carbon monoxide explosions and the ejection of icy debris.

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The gaseous jets ejected by the comet can form characteristic shapes, resembling horns or a horseshoe, visible through a telescope. Comet Devil was last visible to the naked eye on Earth in 1954 and will be closest to our planet in April 2024.

Scientists say that despite the increase in activity, the comet's new flares and mobility do not pose a threat to Earth. They warn, however, about the possible impact on habitats and call for environmental protection measures.