There's a catch. Patent dispute affects most of the latest Apple Watch models

There's a catch. Patent dispute affects most of the latest Apple Watch models

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The problem with the Apple Watch turned out to be broader (Photo: DenysKuvaiev/Depositphotos)

Apple's ban on the sale of its smartwatches, which are subject to an ongoing patent dispute, has impacted a wide range of Apple Watches, starting with 2020's Series 6.

On December 21, Apple stopped selling Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 in the United States through its online store, and sales in the company's stores will soon stop.. Apple took this step ahead of the US International Trade Commission's ban coming into force.

The ban directly affected the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. But as Bloomberg has learned, the patent dispute and further restrictive measures against Apple have also affected older smartwatch models.

In particular, Apple will no longer be able to service or replace Apple Watch models that have expired or do not have the AppleCare+ warranty.. This applies to Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7 and Series 8, as well as the first generation Apple Watch Ultra. Any Apple Watch with a blood oxygen sensor that is not covered by warranty cannot be returned for service, repair, or any replacement in the United States.

In addition, after December 25, Apple will not be able to exchange watches for another model, even if they were purchased before the ban.. In this regard, for example, those who receive an Apple Watch as a gift for Christmas will not be able to replace it with a model in a different color or size if they wish.

Let's remember that the latest Apple Watch models — Series 9 and Ultra 2 — are equipped with the function of measuring blood oxygen levels Blood Oxygen. There is an ongoing patent dispute regarding this sensor between Apple and the medical company Masimo.. The tech giant is accused of stealing trade secrets and violating patents.

In October, the US International Trade Commission ( ITC) admitted that the blood oxygen sensor used in the latest two Apple Watch models infringes two patents of the medical company Masimo. The ban on their sale will come into force on December 25. Against this background, Apple had to announce the suspension of sales of these models in the United States. For now, the company is looking for a way to circumvent the decision of regulators and continue to sell these smart watches without introducing significant hardware changes.

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