Well forgotten old. Apple has released a new diary app, Journal.

Well forgotten old. Apple has released a new diary app, Journal.

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Apple Journal arrives in iOS 17.2 (Photo: Apple)

Apple has officially released the updated iOS 17.2 operating system. A surprise awaited its users — a completely new Journal program.

The company describes the new Journal program as « a completely new way to appreciate life's moments and preserve your memories». This is a digital diary where you can store thoughts about important life events or daily affairs, write down interesting ideas, add photos and music, and the like.

According to Apple's website, the Journal app supports end-to-end encryption, which prevents the company from accessing the contents of your notes.. There's also the option to protect Journal by allowing the app to be opened after authenticating with Face ID or Touch ID.

Anticipating one of the main problems of diaries — forgetting to keep them — Apple created a hint system. Using machine learning, iPhone can create personalized suggestions for moments worth remembering and writing about in your Journal.. This could be photos, recent location, or music you've listened to.. Writing prompts are formatted as thought-provoking questions that make journaling easier.. For example, iPhone might ask what was the most interesting thing about a recent trip, or what's the story behind photos. You can also set up thought prompts that can inspire you to write a note. ( e.g. «What's your secret superpower?» or What activity invigorates you the most?”). You can also set a journaling schedule to make it a regular practice. Then notifications will remind you to make a recording at a certain time.

Smart Tips in Apple Journal / Photo: Apple

Entries in the Journal are displayed in chronological order. Individual messages can be bookmarked, and search allows you to filter messages with photos or saved places and sites.

Let's remember that Apple first announced Journal at the annual WWDC developer conference in June. At the same time, the new operating system iOS 17 was introduced, which will not be available on all Apple smartphones.

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