Will Siri get smarter? The two most anticipated features of the future iOS 18 have been named

Will Siri get smarter? The two most anticipated features of the future iOS 18 have been named

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iOS 18 will receive at least two significant updates (Photo: ifeelstock/Depositphotos)

The latest version of the operating system for Apple smartphones, iOS 18, is expected to be presented no earlier than June. However, some details of the future update are already known.

In November, Apple announced that iPhone would begin supporting the cross-platform messaging standard RCS. « later next year». Therefore, it is expected that RCS support will appear in iOS 18, writes MacRumors.

The advent of RCS will provide messaging between iPhone and Android users with a wide range of functions in the style of the iMessage messenger, available primarily on Apple devices. In particular, notification that a message has been read, an indicator of the interlocutor’s typing, transmission of high-quality photos and videos, etc.. Many of these functions are already available in instant messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram

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In addition, a significant update to the Siri voice assistant is expected.. Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman predicted that iOS 18 will have generative artificial intelligence technology that « should improve the way Siri and Messages can ask questions and auto-complete suggestions». And The Information reported that Apple plans to include larger language models in Siri to allow users to automate complex tasks.

As NV Techno wrote, the latest version of iOS, iOS 17, was officially released in June 2023. The latest official update, iOS 17.2.1, arrived in December 2023. Along with it, a new Journal application was added.

Beta testing of iOS 17.3 continues, in which Apple has added an important security feature that limits the actions of thieves with a stolen iPhone, even when they know the victim’s password.