Yandex has found a vulnerability in the iPhone that will help scammers pretend to be the police or bank security service

Yandex warned iPhone owners about a vulnerability that lies in one of the functions that appeared in the iOS 17 operating system. We are talking about the Contact Posters feature, which allows the iPhone user to choose the image and name that owners of other iPhones will see when they receive a call.. With its help, fraudsters can mislead users by imitating calls from the police or bank security service, Yandex warns.

According to Renat Grishin, editor-in-chief of the portal, this function does not pose any serious threats. He called the problem far-fetched, since in order to mislead the user, you need to call from the iPhone. And all large fraudulent groups work through call centers; they also use special technological programs that make calls. “So far, this looks like a purely theoretical possibility,” Grishin concluded.

At the same time, Yandex reported that they notified Apple about the problem and asked them to fix the vulnerability.. As the owner of the Internet Search company, Igor Bederov, believes, this defect will be eliminated in a short time. “ Here we are talking about a small vulnerability that only concerns the replacement of the user’s picture. That is, using iOS, this can, of course, be eliminated, I think, in a small number of days, if not hours,” he noted.

“The rules are the same: we always rely on the fact that an attacker is calling us, you can always call back to the police department, bank, anywhere in order to check whether they really tried to contact you from there. You should not immediately pass on any codes to the caller,” the expert warned.