YouTube will show fewer ads to viewers. However, don't expect her to become any less annoying

YouTube will show fewer ads to viewers. However, don't expect her to become any less annoying

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YouTube ads for TVs will become longer (Photo: Pinho \ Unsplash)

YouTube will start showing fewer ads to users watching videos from the platform on their TVs, but their duration will increase.

The company says it conducted a survey that showed that 79% of viewers would prefer video ads that were not placed in the middle of the video, but shown together. Taking this into account, Google decided to reduce the number of ad breaks, but increase their duration. This innovation has already been tested and is being rolled out to viewers around the world.. The changes, according to the company, should make watching videos on a big screen smoother.

The YouTube app for TVs will show users that there will be fewer ad breaks before the end of the video and display the time until the end of the video.

“Our research also shows that most viewers prefer to know the total time remaining until an ad break rather than the number of times an ad has been shown. After this launch, viewers will also see the time remaining until the end of the break or can skip to content. You will be able to see these changes soon,” YouTube said in a statement.

As 9to5google notes, we can now expect that users will now have to wait not 5-10 seconds, as before, but up to a minute before they can skip advertising and continue watching the video.

In addition, viewers will now see advertisements while watching YouTube Shorts videos on the big screen — the same way as on mobile devices and through a web browser. You can scroll through it using the remote control.

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