A diesel engine was installed on the Dnepr motorcycle: photo

The craftsman assembled a Dnepr motorcycle with a diesel engine from a Chinese walk-behind tractor with a power of 10 hp.

Diesel engines are perhaps not the best option for a motorcycle.. Factory designs of diesel motorcycles are practically never produced.. But installing diesel engines on motorcycles is a common topic among those who like to make unique motorcycles.

The author decided to replace the voracious gasoline engine with a more economical diesel one.. So, the usual MT-9 was taken as a basis, which initially had a boxer carburetor engine with a power of 32 hp.

The standard engine was dismantled, its place was taken by a small diesel engine from a Chinese walk-behind tractor.. To install this unit, we had to slightly modify the frame and fuel tank. The frame, for the most part, remained standard, it was just additionally strengthened in the lower front part. The fuel tank also had to be sawed off from below; externally there are no visible changes in it.

Single cylinder engine, air vent. Power approximately 10 hp. Started with an electric starter, but the ability to start with a kick starter remains. Stops with decompressor. The exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel.

Compared to the standard engine, the motorcycle has significantly lost power, but due to the torque it moves like a tractor. Claimed fuel consumption is just over 2 liters per 100 km. The engine is not fussy about the quality of diesel fuel, and due to forced cooling in the summer it does not overheat.

The transmission remained almost untouched. The clutch and gearbox are original, nothing has changed. The gearbox is connected to the engine through an adapter plate. The driveshaft is slightly shortened.

The maximum speed of the motorcycle is now about 60 km/h, but this doesn’t bother the author of the homemade product; you can’t drive it much in the village. At idle, there is strong vibration from the engine.