Ukrainian tested Tesla Cybertruck and spoke about its shortcomings

Bogdan Golovatyuk, the founder of TSK, in a blog on the team’s YouTube channel, spoke about the repair experience and impressions of the futuristic electric pickup truck Tesla Cybertruck.

In general, the characteristics of the car disappointed the majority of pickup truck owners, and therefore the TSK team was no exception. For example, the windshield wiper and the noise it makes. Before launching the pickup into production, it was rumored that Tesla would equip the car with a special laser that would clean the glass from drops, because there was nowhere to place a windshield wiper.

As it turned out, the engineers of the American automaker decided otherwise and installed a large brush, which the reviewer called a “barrier.”. It was also reported that the Cybertruck should be larger than the Ford F-150, which also turned out to be a manipulation. Tesla's electric pickup truck has the same dimensions as Ford's pickup truck.

However, one of the biggest disappointments for the TSK team was the car's range.. Tesla promised a range of 500 miles, which is more than 800 km, but in reality, a dual-motor pickup truck can only travel up to 500 km.

Before the series launch, Elon Musk made loud statements that the Cybertruck would have a price tag of $39,900. However, the real cost for the dual-engine configuration is 120 thousand dollars, and besides, there is a long queue for the car. The top-end equipment costs even more.

Tesla promised that the pickup truck will have a console inside the cabin, which, if necessary, can be turned into a third seat in front. And the problem with power reserve can be solved thanks to a special device that is installed in the body. In fact, this console is immobile, and the device is still not for sale.

There are also many inconsistencies in the interior of the car. Bogdan assured that the finishing elements look cheap and have a poor fit. That's why this unusual red Cybertruck visited the TSK workshop: all its plastic panels in the cabin, which turned out to be made in China, made a lot of noise while driving.

However, despite this, the author also noted the positive qualities of the car: Cybertruck is not like any other car in traffic, so passers-by pay attention to it; The pickup handles well thanks to the steering of the rear axle, has excellent dynamics and large luggage compartments.