How to sell a car in "Dii": instructions

Starting from December 20, 2023, the function of registering the purchase and sale of a car or motorcycle without visiting the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should be operational.. How to do this — step by step guide.

On December 19, at Diia.Summit, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov announced the launch of the operational launch (until now only beta testing of the service for a separate group of users has continued) of car re-registration in the “Diya” application.. The service should become available at midnight on December 20th.

Specialists from the Institute of Automotive Market Research participated in testing this service and know how it works in practice, what new opportunities it creates, and what limitations it has.

So, to use the new car sales service in Dii, first of all you need to have a car officially registered in your name. You can only register a sale of a car, motorcycle or moped.

Of course, these vehicles must be “clean” — that is, without various kinds of encumbrances, arrests, injunctions and not be wanted. It must also be the first vehicle you sell within the calendar year, meaning you don't have to pay any additional sales tax on it.

Let us remind you that the second sale of a passenger car or motorcycle (moped) within a year is subject to tax in the amount of 5% of its assessed value, the third sale — 18%. For trucks, buses, special equipment, tractors, trailers — 5% for the first and second sale, and 18% for the third and all subsequent ones.

Procedure for re-registration in «Dii»:

In the “services” section of the Diya application, select the “Sell vehicle” item. Select from the list the vehicle you plan to sell (if there are several of them). Indicate the cost of the vehicle Enter your contact information — phone number and email On the next screen, familiarize yourself with the draft contract, check whether all the data is correct. If yes, click the «confirm» button.

There is only one step left — get confirmation from the buyer. For this purpose, he can use the QR code generated in your application, or you can send him an electronic link.

On the buyer’s side, everything happens in the same way as on the seller’s side — choosing a service, entering the necessary data and checking it, signing a sales contract.

It is also worth noting that when reselling a passenger car from June 15, 2023, obtaining an expert opinion became optional. However, for buyers who want to ensure that the vehicle's license plates are not counterfeit, an expert inspection is available for a fee and the report is valid for 10 days.

About license plates: according to the current rules, the buyer can keep the license plates of the previous owner (except for paid combinations), accordingly, he will not have to contact the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to obtain new plates and pay for their production. When the license plate changes, you can obtain it from the Ministry of Internal Affairs Service Center, or order delivery by Ukrposhta.

Let us remind you that for cars sold remotely, new series are provided — ED, DC — registered through the driver’s electronic account, DI, PD — registered through the Diya application.

About the registration certificate: within Ukraine, drivers can only use an electronic vehicle registration certificate. After re-registration of the car in Dii, among the documents the buyer should have a certificate of registration for the new owner, and with the assigned license plate. If you need a plastic document, then you should contact the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its production or order its delivery by Ukrposhta.

Mikhail Fedorov also announced that work continues on updated versions of bills, which are necessary to launch another service — “customs clearance in a smartphone.”