Huawei showed the rival Tesla Model S

Huawei Stelato S9 is an E-class electric car with a power reserve of more than 500 km. The sedan will be offered in versions with a capacity of 309 and 524 hp. With.

The new Stelato S9 debuted at the Beijing Auto Show. The electric sedan will go on sale from July with prices ranging from 300,000 to 500,000 yuan ($41,400 — 69,000). This was reported by the CarNewsChina website.

Stelato is a new car brand created jointly by Huawei and BAIC corporations, and S9 is its first model. It will compete in the world's largest car market with the Tesla Model S and Mercedes EQE.

Huawei Stelato S9 dimensions:

length — 5160 mm; width — 1987 mm; height — 1486 mm; wheelbase — 3050 mm; weight — 2216 kg.

The Huawei Stelato S9 electric car will be offered in rear-wheel drive 309-horsepower and all-wheel drive 524-horsepower versions. Top speed is limited to 215 km/h. The power reserve has not yet been disclosed, but it is known that it exceeds 500 km.