In Australia, a woman stole a van containing 10,000 donuts.

Surprisingly, this also happens: a woman stole a donut delivery van that was stopped at a gas station in Sydney. It is known that there were 10,000 donuts inside, with a total value of $25,000.

Despite the fact that the van's luggage was worth so much money, a week later the police found it along with thousands of spoiled donuts.. As it turned out later, the woman was detained on December 14, and most likely she had no idea that the van was filled with donuts.

Now the woman is accused of theft. According to NSW Police, the woman was accused of «driving a vehicle without the owner's consent».

If you're worried Sydney donut lovers won't be able to get their sweet fix, rest assured that Krispy Kreme hasn't let that happen. In a statement, the company announced that it had prepared a new batch of donuts for people who never received their orders and for those who were unable to order them that day.

It is also not known what prompted the woman to such a strange act.. However, the strangest thing about this whole situation is that the woman did not sell the donuts, or did not return the van immediately. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this story is Australia, a country that is truly rich in strange cases.