Maserati will release a boat for the first time

The price of the Maserati boat is kept secret, but rumors say it will be $2.6 million.

Maserati began selling a luxury boat in the style of GranCabrio. For the first time, a civilian vessel has been produced under the Maserati brand, and it can already be ordered — according to preliminary estimates, it costs $2.6 million.

Official photos show the boat next to a GranCabrio convertible, both painted in the same shade of rose gold. The same finishing materials that are used in Maserati cars will be used in the production of the vessel.

The following is known about the Maserati boat: it reaches a length of 10.5 meters and is designed for eight people, there is a swimming platform at the stern and a cabin with a bathroom. External panels are made of carbon fiber, the captain's chair is upholstered in leather, and the helm station has a large touch screen displaying the main parameters of the boat.

The vessel is propelled by electric motors with a total power of 600 horsepower, which are charged by a battery with a capacity of 252 kilowatt-hours.. Dynamic characteristics are also given: cruising speed is 46 kilometers per hour with a maximum of 74 kilometers per hour. On one battery charge, the boat sails about 70 kilometers, which means it is intended primarily for river and coastal boat trips.

The assembly of Maserati boats was organized at the American shipyard Hodgdon Yachts. Production of one copy takes about nine months.

As for the aforementioned GranCabrio, earlier this month the presentation of its fastest version with the Folgore prefix took place. This convertible received a three-motor power plant from the GranTurismo coupe; it accelerates to hundreds in 2.8 seconds, and the top speed is 290 kilometers per hour.