Over the week, autogas fell in price by 1.65 hryvnia per week

The retail price of autogas continues to decrease.

From December 15 to 22, the average retail price for autogas decreased by 1.65 UAH/l, to 31.14 UAH/l. This is evidenced by the monitoring of the A-95 Consulting Group.

At WOG, Amic and OKKO gas stations, this type of fuel fell in price by 2.03 UAH/l (at stations of the first two networks) and 2.00 UAH/l — on average to 31.48 UAH/l, 31.73 UAH/l and 31.49 UAH/l, respectively.

At UPG and U.GO stations, the price decreased by 2.11 UAH/l and 1.65 UAH/l, to 29.64 UAH/l and 31.61 UAH/l, respectively.

Over the past week, autogas fell the most — by 4.30 UAH/l — at gas stations of the Ovis network, to 31.10 UAH/l. The least — by 60 kopecks/l — at stations of the RLS network, up to 29.10 UAH/l.

A total of one and a half dozen gas station chains crossed the “psychological mark” of less than 30 UAH/l this week. Among them are Avtotrans (-1.00 UAH/l, up to 29.98 UAH/l), VostokGaz (-2.30 UAH/l, up to 29.69 UAH/l), Olas (-1, 59 UAH/l, up to 29.40 UAH/l) and others.

In general, autogas can be purchased at gas stations in the country’s networks in the range of 28.90-32.50 UAH/l.

Change in retail gas prices at filling stations from December 15 to December 22, 2023, UAH/l: