Tesla for 25 thousand dollars already exists, but there is one caveat

After car rental company Hertz announced it was selling off its fleet of electric vehicles, hundreds of ads for used Teslas have appeared online.. Some of them sell at very low prices.

Recently, Elon Musk made loud statements that Tesla is preparing an affordable electric car for $25,000. The future model was dubbed «Model 2». However, recently reports began to appear that the company was curtailing the project.

Considering that the American automaker is currently experiencing a certain crisis caused by falling stock prices, the Model 2 debut will probably not take place in the near future. However, the secondary market already has several interesting offers for those who do not want to wait for an affordable electric car from Tesla.

After Hertz made an unsuccessful bid to electrify its own fleet, the company now has thousands of electric vehicles for sale. Basically, these are Tesla Model 3, but sometimes Model S is also found. It is worth noting that the massive sale attracted the attention of buyers, so most of these electric vehicles were sold in less than a month.

However, there are still enough such offers on the secondary car market in the USA.. For example, in Seattle, Washington, a 2022 Model 3 with 137,220 km is on sale for just $23,313. There are also cheaper cars.

The 2019 all-wheel drive Performance model costs $16,950.. The car is sold in California and has a mileage of 346,886 km. Interestingly, the cost of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance in the US starts at $40,490.

For luxury lovers, there are older Model S's for cheap. One of the best deals on the market is this 2013 electric car with just over 178,000 kilometers on the clock. The seller is asking just $12,749 for this Tesla.

There are plenty of similar cars on the market. There are even cheaper ones, but they have a dubious ownership history or have been involved in an accident. But for those looking for a crossover, there are no available offers. There are only a few Model Xs and Model Ys sold in this price range.