They offer to return zero customs clearance of cars: for whom exactly?

They want to return zero customs clearance of vehicles, which was available to all Ukrainians for several months at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. But this time not for everyone, but only for certain categories of citizens.

The draft law “On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding zero customs clearance of vehicles for combatants and other citizens affected by military aggression against Ukraine” (No. 10353) has been published on the parliament’s website.

With this project, deputies propose to exempt vehicles from customs clearance for participants in hostilities, children/brothers/sisters of those killed as a result of hostilities, and persons whose vehicles were damaged as a result of the war.

Under these conditions, they want to allow the import of one vehicle per person. Also, one car can be delivered by an individual who has officially donated his own vehicle to a military unit.

The authors of the bill plan to introduce zero customs clearance during martial law and a year after it.

However, in fact, several such bills have already been registered in parliament, and not one of them has reached consideration in the session hall. Therefore, this bill has little chance of being adopted.

Let us recall that on March 24, 2022, a law on the abolition of customs clearance fees and taxes for individuals during the period of martial law came into force in Ukraine.. But already on June 21, 2022, zero customs clearance was canceled. That is, since then, customs clearance of cars in Ukraine is equally expensive for all categories of citizens.