Amazon MGM will release a film about the hacking of the Bitfinex crypto exchange

Amazon MGM Studios has announced the start of filming a feature film under the working title Razzlekhan. The film will be dedicated to the hacking of the Bitfinex crypto exchange that happened in 2016.

The plot is based on a 2022 New York Times investigation into spouses Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan, accused of laundering 120,000 bitcoins.. The director and screenwriter of the film will be Hannah Marks, the name of the film is the rap pseudonym of Heather Morgan..

In 2022, the couple was detained, and last summer, Messrs. Lichtenstein and Morgan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder stolen funds. Heather Morgan faces up to ten years in prison. Ilya Likhtenstein – up to 20 years in prison. But he denies having anything to do with the Bitfinex hack..

Money laundering took place through mixing services, using fake identities to open bank accounts. Recently, the Bitfinex exchange stopped a $15 billion attempt to hack its security systems..