CEO of the OKX exchange: “We conduct a thorough check of crypto assets before listing”

The head of the OKX crypto exchange, Star Xu, named the key criteria that cryptocurrencies must meet in order to be included in the listing of the platform.

According to him, before deciding to include a crypto asset in the listing, the OKX team carefully studies the project behind this coin and makes a verdict based on the following key factors:

Is the crypto asset decentralized and actually uses blockchain technology;

Popularity of the token in the crypto community;

Are the founder of the project and the team of investors interested in long-term development;

How does a crypto asset meet legal requirements and regulatory criteria?.

Star Xu clarified that the exchange does not make a decision on listing based on the results of pitching projects. The exchange team independently selects coins on the market that are worth including in the listing.

“Although OKX is not the biggest industry leader, we will continue to adhere to our long-term philosophy of building infrastructure, not engaging in toxic practices, being as transparent as possible and always being technology-driven.. Sending listing requests to me on Twitter will never work.».

Star Xu revealed pre-listing requirements for cryptocurrencies in response to numerous requests for more BRC-20 format tokens to be added to OKX. Including all tokens in the listing is a bad practice that harms the entire cryptocurrency industry, says OKX CEO.

“I want to be clear: if we use a primitive strategy of simply listing all tokens, this would allow the exchange to make quick money, but would have devastating consequences for the market.”.

OKX is a global cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. The exchange has open spot and futures trading markets with the possibility of copy trading and the use of trading bots. The number of OKX users exceeds 50 million people. According to CoinMarketCap, OKX ranks sixth in the ranking of exchanges in terms of trading volume.