Justin Sun promises to make HT a decentralized meme token

The head of the HTX exchange announced that an additional burning of 20 million HT tokens worth about $50 million will soon take place.. After completion of the procedure, HT will become decentralized meme tokens, the businessman announced.

Justin Sun clarified: after the burning program is completed, only 110 million HT tokens will remain in stock. The asset will become decentralized and will no longer be controlled by anyone, promises the head of HTX.

In January, the HTX exchange (formerly Huobi) announced the launch of the Exchange DAO (HTX) program.. Platform clients have the right to exchange their HT tokens into HTX using special Exchange accounts. Token conversion will last until the end of January next year.

The exchange's blog outlines the benefits of converting HT tokens to HTX. Major Bonus: Spot trading fee for maker and taker orders is set at 0.1%.

Previously, Justin Sun expressed optimism about the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US, saying that Asian markets would be next.