The Notcoin team talked about ways to brand a token

After listing the NOT token on exchanges, users will have three options for managing funds. One of the creators of the gaming Web3 project Notcoin told Decrypt about this.

After TGE, the team plans to resume the mining process, which will be implemented through interaction with partner content. Users will still be able to spend tokens on in-game purchases.

A Notcoin spokesperson expects that a “significant amount of the audience” will continue to play, and the team will create additional incentives to do so.

NOT withdrawal will be available from centralized exchanges that support the token, the list of which has not yet been announced. In addition, users will be allowed to move coins to one of the project's supported wallets for self-storage.

Previously, ForkLog reported that the listing of the NOT token is planned to be implemented before the end of April. The developers explained the postponement of the start date of trading with the desire to ensure an “uninterrupted launch”.

Let us remind you that in early April, Notcoin carried out a denomination of balances by three orders of magnitude “for ease of reading the price of the token.”