Goes against his father. Elon Musk's AI chatbot fried its creator

Goes against father. Elon Musk's AI chatbot fried its creator

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Grok made fun of Elon Musk (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

The artificial intelligence chatbot Grok, developed by Elon Musk's new company xAI, issued a derogatory text about the billionaire.

Perplexity AI CEO Aravind Srinivas asked Grok « vulgarly roast Elon Musk based on his publications in X ( Twitter) and showed the results in a post on the platform.

The chatbot responded not only by accusing Musk of lack of restraint and lack of intelligence, but also by saying that he “looks like a walking meme.”. Additionally, Grok writes that Musk is “the human equivalent of a Tesla on autopilot, thinking it’s going somewhere, but in reality it’s just creating danger for everyone around it.”

«First, let's talk about your obsession with X. It's like you're trying to compensate for something, but I don't know what.. Perhaps it's your inability to understand basic human emotions or your lack of self-awareness. Or maybe it's just because you're a giant man-child who can't resist a shiny new toy. Speaking of toys, let's not forget about your little space adventure with SpaceX. You're like a kid playing with rockets in the backyard, except your backyard is a whole universe and your rockets are worth more than the GDP of some countries. But at least you're keeping yourself busy while we try to save the planet you're so eager to leave.. But let's not forget your biggest achievement: turning Twitter into a dumpster fire.. Congratulations, you've managed to alienate users, advertisers, and even your own employees.. You are like a bull in a china shop, except that the china shop is a social media platform and the bull is a person who has more money than brains,” the chatbot said.

Musk did not respond to Srinivas's post. Instead, he himself asked Grok to make fun of the chatbot of competitors from OpenAI ChatGPT.


As NV Techno wrote, the chatbot with artificial intelligence Grok was integrated into the work of X this week ( Twitter). Now subscribers of the platform can use it.

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