Suddenly. The person responsible for the design of the iPhone and AirPods leaves Apple

Suddenly. The person responsible for the design of the iPhone and AirPods leaves Apple

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CEO of Apple Inc. Tang Tang will leave the company (Photo: kittyfly/Depostphotos)

CEO of Apple Inc. Tang Tan, who is responsible for the design of iPhone and smart watches, will leave the company in February 2024. Bloomberg reports this, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The company will redistribute responsibilities. Richard Dean, head of iPhone product design, will report directly to John Ternus, senior vice president of hardware engineering, following Tang Tan's departure.. Kate Bergeron, who led the development of the Mac, will be responsible for the design of the AppleWatch.

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Tang Tan also supervised two teams that worked on accessories and participated in the creation of AirPods headphones. These areas will be taken over by Matthew Costello, who previously worked on Beats headphones and the HomePod smart speaker.

Earlier it was reported that top manager Steve Hotelling, who worked on touch technologies, health indicators and the Face ID interface, left the company.

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It was previously reported that Apple is actively looking for new countries to transfer production from China. Apple's efforts are focused on countries like India ( iPhone and accessories production), Vietnam ( AirPods production and Mac assembly), Malaysia ( Mac production) and Ireland ( assembly of iMac computers).

Production of the iPhone 15 started in India in August.