To the collection. Google announced a new image generator ImageFX

To the collection. Google announced a new image generator ImageFX

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Google announced ImageFX (Photo: Screenshot from ImageFX website)

Google is adding a free image generator called ImageFX to its Bard chatbot, which creates images based on text prompts.

In December, Google introduced an updated Imagen 2 model that generates high-quality photorealistic images. This model will be integrated into the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard.

“Bard can help you bring your ideas to life, whether you're creating a brochure or images for a blog post. With Imagen 2, Bard understands simple and complex cues so you can create a range of high-quality images. Creating images in Bard is now available in English in most countries,” Google announced.

ImageFX is also available on the AI Test Kitchen website. The generator allows you to create photorealistic images using a simple text prompt that can be adjusted to get the best result. At the same time, the tool cannot be used to create sexualized content and images of violence.

“We've invested in the security of learning data from the start and added technical restrictions to reduce problematic results such as violent, offensive or sexually explicit content. … We also use filters to avoid creating images based on people's names,” Google warns.

Let us remind you that last week pornographic materials with singer Taylor Swift, generated using artificial intelligence, spread massively on the Internet.. The issue prompted a response from social media platforms and raised concerns in the White House.

The media found that the fake images were created using the Microsoft Designer tool, which is partly based on DALL-E 3 technology from OpenAI. Microsoft engineer Shane Jones said he discovered the related image generator vulnerability early and notified OpenAI about it.

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