Fenerbahce and Galatasaray started a scandal on social networks due to a controversial episode with Icardi

The central match of the 18th round took place in Turkey between the two leaders in the person of Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.

As often happens, the fight was not without scandal, however, this time it developed after the match, although the reason was precisely the event during the meeting.

One of the Fenerbahce players waved away Mauro Icardi in his own penalty area, hitting him in the eye, however, the referee did not give a penalty or even a yellow card for this.

After the game, Galatasaray showed what consequences this episode left with the Argentine after the match, accompanying this with an official statement.

“Those who want justice only for themselves continued to manipulate Turkish football through all channels today!. THERE IS a hall and 26 cameras don't see it, and I'm ashamed of it,» wrote the lion on Twitter.

Those who only want justice for themselves continued to manipulate Turkish football from every channel tonight. Biz; hakem heyetinin, VAR odasının ve 26 kameranın göremediğini paylaşıyor ve yine onların yerine utanıyoruz ❗️

Türk futbolunu bu noktaya getirenlerin bir gün utanması… pic.twitter.com/xJedDKa8ta

— Galatasaray SK (@GalatasaraySK) December 24, 2023

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Fenerbahce later responded to them, saying that these consequences remained with Icardi not because of the incident with their player, but because he hit the post during the match.

«Attempting to create a victim due to a player hitting a goal post. We'll leave it up to the public to decide.»

For now, Canaries forward Edin Dzeko has put an end to the confrontation outside the football field.

«Icardi hit his head on the goal post and they post it on Instagram and cry about the penalty…. typical for them. It’s a shame,” said the Bosnian.

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