Apple will severely limit Vision Pro functionality for non-US users

Apple today began accepting pre-orders for the Vision Pro augmented reality headset. The device is available for purchase only in the United States. However, using various unofficial channels, people from other countries are also buying the gadget.. In a conversation with 9to5Mac, an Apple representative explained what these buyers should expect.

Image Source: Apple

In particular, a company representative said that the Vision Pro headset has corrective optical lenses for users with low vision, which are selected according to the prescription of American ophthalmologists. The lenses themselves are manufactured by Zeiss.. You won't be able to buy lenses without a prescription from a US doctor.. Lenses start at $99 and can go up to $149. As a free bonus, Zeiss is ready to laser engrave the lens body with the owner's name. Additionally, Zeiss only ships lenses to US addresses.

Some App Store apps and some Vision Pro features will not be available outside the US due to licensing regulations.. The Apple Vision Pro headset itself currently only supports English for writing, Siri, and Dictation functions for translating speech into text.

Apple Music and Apple TV app purchases for Vision Pro require an Apple ID bound to the US region. The app store for visionOS also requires a US Apple ID. Technical support is available to US Vision Pro owners only.

Apple also says that US customers traveling abroad will have no problems using Vision Pro. In addition, the headset has a built-in Travel mode, which adapts the Vision Pro for use on an airplane, for example.