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Conscripts can independently choose a position in the army through job search sites thanks to the project of recruiting for the Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense.

The head of the employment platform and recruiting agency Lobby X, Vladyslav Grezev, told about the positions for Haitians in the Defense Forces in a comment to DOU.

«On average, 78 people respond to military IT vacancies. In particular, since the full-scale war, 147 IT vacancies have been published, which received 11,465 responses,» he said.

The most popular vacancies for the Armed Forces in Lobby X

As Grezev said, «Staff work» is the most popular among candidates, followed by IT. Next come «BpLA» and «Press Service».

At the same time, the most published vacancies on Lobby X are in the sections «Medicine», «Infantry», «Staff work» and «IT».

What is known about recruiting to the Armed Forces

On November 13, 2023, the Ministry of Defense announced the launch of recruiting for the Armed Forces and the signing of the first agreement within the project. Then the ministry concluded an agreement with Lobby X, and later, and OLX joined the program.

Lobby X explained that those willing to mobilize should respond to a vacancy in a specific unit on the agency's website and undergo an interview. And then the decision depends on the military. The recruiting process itself continues in different ways and can take several days or a month.

The head of the GUR Kyrylo Budanov stated that recruiting will not be able to cover the needs of the army, and therefore mobilization cannot be done without.