“Evokes the same feelings as Morrowind many years ago”: a large region and new quests have been added to the old-school action role-playing game Dread Delusion

Action role-playing game Dread Delusion in the spirit of games for the first PlayStation received a major update. For the first time in Early Access, the developers have added a new region.

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The new area, called The Clockwork Kingdom, features the largest floating island with the most detailed city in the game — the dystopian Ferropolis.. There you can complete five new quests, explore a new dungeon, visit shops (including the black market) and meet hundreds of NPCs. Outsiders are not allowed into the Kingdom — to get into it, you will have to use the airboat of the merchant Mikhail.

One of the quests continues the main quest chain. In it you need to find the famous sky pirate Caxton Frost, an old friend of the dangerous criminal Vela Callose, whom gamers tracked down in a mission from last year's update. His location will be suggested by Horace, who first needs to be helped to regain his memory. The quest will take you to different places in the Kingdom, including the surreal Corrupted Lands, full of nightmarish creatures, and the memories of Horace.

In another quest, players will meet the local ruler — the Clockwork King — and will be able to decide whether they will serve him or try to overthrow him.. Another task will ask you to search for missing residents.

The Lovely Hellplace team is working on Dread Delusion. The action role-playing action takes place in the open world of floating islands, where humanity moved due to a curse that made the surface of the Earth uninhabitable.. Players can fight, develop skills, trade and influence the development of the plot.

Dread Delusion appeared in Steam Early Access on June 16, 2022. The current build presents key features (quests, battles, cities, secrets, etc.) and approximately 70% of secondary content. Currently only English is supported.

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The release of version 1.0 is expected during 2024 (previously it was planned to be released at the beginning of 2023). It promises an expanded main quest line (10-15 hours of additional content), a house building system, more powerful weapons, new spells and character development opportunities.

Customers have left 818 reviews, based on which the game has a 92% rating. According to Steam users, the authors managed to combine the nostalgic atmosphere of the early The Elder Scrolls, Gothic and King's Field with modern mechanics. “It evokes the same feelings that Morrowind did many years ago,” admitted drewshbag, who also noted the history of the world and the design of the map among its advantages.