“That means I won’t return to the game anymore”: very soon Allods Online will be completely removed from Steam

Publisher My.Games and developers from the IT Territory studio announced that the list of target platforms for their multiplayer role-playing game “Allods Online” will soon be reduced.

Image source: Steam (Isabelka)

As it became known, “Allods Online” will soon be removed from the Steam digital distribution service. This could happen before the end of this month—the creators call January 30 the approximate date.

The developers did not name the reason for this decision, but on the game forum they stated that the departure of Allods Online from Steam was “due to a combination of circumstances beyond our control.”

Image Source: Steam

In addition, the developers have published instructions on how to transfer your Allods Online account, characters and progress from Steam to VK Play, where the game will remain available.

To be able to log in to Allods Online through the Game Center, you will need to add an additional login method for an account registered in VK Play via Steam.

Image source: My.Games

In the comments to the announcement, users expressed grief and disappointment at the news about the departure of Allods Online from Steam, and some even swore off switching to another service. “That means I won’t return to the game again,” snapped one of the gamers.

The release version of “Allods Online” debuted in October 2010, reached Steam in January 2016, and reached VK Play in the fall of 2022. The game is distributed using a shareware model.