Pixel robots will now clean Moscow on an ongoing basis

Autonomous unmanned cleaning robots “Pixel” will continue to work in Moscow, but on a permanent basis.. They were successfully tested last year on the territory of the Digital Business Space on Pokrovka Street, the Rudnevo Industrial Park and the Kuzminki Park.

Image source: sobyanin.ru

Moscow authorities also decided to expand the experiment, increasing the number of robots used to 12, and the number of cleaning sites to five. Since January 2024, ten Pixel cleaning robots have been used to regularly clean walking paths in Kuzminki, Sokolniki and 50th Anniversary of October parks.

The Pixel cleaning robot was developed by Avtonomika LLC, a resident of the Lomonosov cluster and a participant in the Moscow Innovation Cluster. Thanks to various replaceable attachments, the robot cleaner can be used all year round in any weather: clearing snow in winter, sweeping and washing paths in summer. The maximum speed of the “Pixel” is 10 km/h, during cleaning – 5 km/h. Battery life without recharging is up to 16 hours.

As noted in the blog of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, “Pixel” works almost silently, so it can be used to clean streets even at night. In addition, by using power, Pixel makes a tangible contribution to environmental protection.

The robot is equipped with a multi-sensor system, including lidars, radars, numerous sensors, machine vision with stereo and surveillance cameras, which allows it to avoid collisions with obstacles.

It is reported that the developer plans to enter mass production of Pixels by the second half of 2024.