A sports car was developed in Lithuania for 90 thousand euros

A racing sports car with a V10 engine was built in Lithuania. It is sold in parts. The car will cost 90 thousand euros.

The Lithuanian company showed a kit car with permission for regular roads and a V10 engine. The coupe is called RR01. It is built around an aluminum monocoque and is powered by a V10 5.2 engine from Audi.

The chassis and body of the car cost 25 thousand euros, and the same amount will have to be paid for brakes, fuel system, interior equipment, etc.. The atmospheric unit was estimated at 37,500 euros. It has received a new filling and is combined with a racing sequential gearbox on the RR01.

Total: 90 thousand euros. For this amount, the buyer will receive a sports car on an aluminum chassis, with an integrated steel safety cage, suspension, adjustable Nitron R3 shock absorbers and a short steering rack: 2.25 turns from lock to lock. The RR01 brakes will be assembled using AP Racing and Tilton components.

In addition, the car will get a quick-release steering wheel with programmable buttons and switches, Tillett B6 GRP bucket seats, six-point seat belts and custom headlights with LED low and high beams. Most of the components are essentially racing components, so the kit car is positioned as an ideal track day machine.

In 2017, a similar car built by Superlite Cars was displayed on the Bring a Trailer classifieds website.. It was also based on an aluminum monocoque, to which fiberglass body panels were attached. The coupe was equipped with a Porsche 911 GT3 engine (996), a lightweight racing flywheel, a six-speed manual transmission from a 911, Brembo brakes and a Borla exhaust system. For the coupe they asked for 50 thousand dollars.