A smart alternative. ChatGPT could soon replace Google Assistant on Android smartphones

A smart alternative. ChatGPT could soon replace Google Assistant on Android smartphones

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ChatGPT could be the new assistant program on Android (Photo: Engadget)

For a long time now, instead of Google Assistant, which takes on the role of the default assistant program on Android smartphones, you can choose another application. Until now, ChatGPT has not been among the available alternative programs, but this may soon change.

The assistant program on Android devices opens very quickly: by long pressing the button Home , if available, the power button or using a specially configured gesture. By default, the role of an application with quick access is performed by a smart personal assistant developed by Google. However, you can configure access to other programs as well.. ChatGPT will likely be available as such soon.

According to Android Authority, a corresponding update was noticed in the code of the latest version of the ChatGPT program for Android. Available there, but still not active, the function initiates turning on the program in overlay mode with support for voice input. Also discovered code snippets indicate that ChatGPT could be set as the default assistant app, although this feature is still a work in progress. The timing of the rollout of the new feature is still unknown, as is whether it will be free. The researchers saw in the code that this feature would still require a ChatGPT Plus subscription, so they assume that access will be limited.

If the feature does roll out, it will make it much easier for users to access ChatGPT. For now, in order to ask a smart chatbot a question, you need to go to the OpenAI website from a browser or use a special application.

As NV Techno wrote, in October Google announced that Assistant with Bard will be available on Android and iOS mobile devices in the coming months. Deployment of the updated assistant is expected in the near future.

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