Get ready for a mask? Competitor social network Twitter has become publicly available

Get ready for a mask? Competitor social network Twitter has become publicly available

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The Bluesky social network has become available to everyone (Photo: Primakov/Depositphotos)

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's social network Bluesky, more than six months after opening to the general public, launched a public web version.

From its launch to this day, Bluesky has remained an invitation-only program.. However, as of this week there is a public web view. So now users don't need to log in to view posts on Bluesky.

“We created Bluesky to be a home for public conversations — breaking news, commentary and analysis, jokes and the like.. … This update simply makes the content of the Bluesky app available for viewing on the website … You can easily view Bluesky messages without logging in. Sharing will become more convenient — whether it's a joke you want to send to friends, or a post you want to embed in an article,” Bluesky says on its blog.

Simultaneously with this update, a new feature appeared in the settings of platform users that allows you to limit the viewing of posts by those who are not logged in.

“If you do not want your Bluesky profile to be easily viewable by the public, you can opt out by following these steps: Update the Bluesky app to the latest version 1.60 in the App or Play Store; click Moderation in the menu on the left; turn on the visibility of those who have logged out,” Bluesky noted.

In addition, the social network has changed its logo — now instead of an image of the sky, users are greeted with a minimalist icon with a butterfly.

As NV Techno wrote, Bluesky arose from an initiative of Twitter Inc. on the development of a decentralized social network protocol ( AT Protocol). Its testing began at the end of October 2022. And already in May 2023 it became available to users with an invitation. To register on the platform, you still need an invitation code; it can be obtained from already registered users.

When Bluesky, whose board of directors includes Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, announced its intention to take the web version public, there were predictions that this would increase its competition with X ( formerly Twitter), making the platform more popular.

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