“We collected a huge amount of data.” In Britain, the Russian FSB was accused of constant cyber attacks on the country and warned of a danger to the West

“We collected a huge amount of data”. In Britain, the Russian FSB was accused of constant cyber attacks on the country and warned of a danger to the West

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Hackers (Photo:News Mag / Flickr)

UK accuses Russian Federal Security Service ( FSB) in constant cyber attacks aimed at politicians and public life of the country.

The British government announced this, reports the BBC.

The government said one group stole data through cyberattacks that were later made public, including material related to the 2019 election.

«This group has collected a huge amount of data… This information is being used to undermine the West in a variety of ways,» Western officials said.

The material says that Russia has repeatedly denied its involvement in such activities.

Foreign Minister David Cameron called the actions of the hacker group « totally unacceptable» and added that Britain would continue to work with allies to expose the Russian covert network and hold the aggressor country to account for its actions.

At the same time, Cameron added that, despite the repeated efforts of hackers, they « failed». The hacker group was known by various names, including Star Blizzard, Cold River and Seaborgium.

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British MP Stuart Macdonald also said that in February a group likely linked to Russian intelligence stole his emails by posing as one of his employees.. He released the information to prevent any emails from leaking.

It is believed that in recent years the FSB group has stolen a large amount of data, and only some of it has been made public.

Western officials said that for now There is no evidence” that the hackers intend to release more data, but it is a possibility because the attackers have collected a lot of information.

The Guardian previously reported that on December 4, hacker groups linked to Russia and China attacked the UK's most dangerous nuclear facility, Sellafield.. It houses the largest plutonium storage facility on the planet and a large nuclear waste dump.. It also contains documents containing plans in the event of another country attacking the UK or disaster.