The price almost doubled. Apple has become the most valuable brand in the world

The price almost doubled. Apple has become the most valuable brand in the world

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Apple has become the most valuable brand in the world (Photo: Wirestock/Depositphotos)

Apple has become the most valuable brand in the world, while Amazon, which held the leading position last year, fell straight to fourth place.

Apple's brand value soared by 74% over the year, to $516.6 billion, while Amazon's grew by only 3.2%, to $308.9 billion.. This is stated in the annual Brand Finance Global 500 study.

Microsoft rose to second place in the ranking from fourth, demonstrating an increase of almost 78%. ( up to $340.4 billion). Google remained in third place ( +18.5%, up to $333.4 billion).

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Next, with a large lag, are Samsung and Walmart, which have changed places compared to last year.. The value of the first brand decreased by 0.3% to $99.4 billion, the second by 15% to $96.8 billion.

TikTok climbed to seventh place from tenth ( +28%, up to $84.2 billion), to eighth from fourteenth Facebook ( owned by Meta) ( +28%, up to $75.7 billion), to ninth from eleventh Deutsche Telekom ( +16.5%, up to $73.3 billion). They ousted the Chinese bank ICBC ( +3.3%, up to $71.8 billion) to tenth place from seventh a year earlier and Verizon ( +6.4%, up to $71.75 billion) — to eleventh from eighth.

Deutsche Telekom has become the most valuable telecommunications brand, overtaking Verizon. It also ranks first among all European brands. The Tesla brand fell in price by 12% ( up to $58.3 billion), as a result of which it fell immediately to eighteenth place in the ranking from ninth in 2023.

The fastest growth rate in value was demonstrated by the Nvidia brand, which rose to 30th position from 117th a year earlier. ( an increase of 163%, to $44.5 billion), which is due to increased interest in developments based on artificial intelligence.

The top 500 included 201 American brands, accounting for more than half of the total value, the report notes.. In addition to brands from the US and China, the top 30 includes only six companies: Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Shell and Allianz.

The eighth annual Brand Finance study contains data on more than 6 thousand. brands from 41 countries and 31 industry sectors. Over 150 thousand respondents took part in the survey.

The 25 most valuable brands according to Brand Finance Global 500 2024

1. Apple


3. Google

4. Amazon

5.Samsung Group

6. Walmart

7. TikTok

8. Facebook

9. Deutsche Telekom

10. ICBC

11. Verizon

12. StateGrid Corp. of China

13. Instagram

14. China Construction Bank

15. Starbucks

16. Agricultural Bank of China

17. Mercedes-Benz

18. Tesla

19. Oracle

20. Home Depot


22. Bank of China


24. Moutai


25 strongest brands in the world according to Brand Finance Global 500 2024 rating

1. WeChat

2. YouTube

3. Google

4. Marina Bay Sands

5. Wuliangye

6. Deloitte

7. Coca-Cola

8. Netflix

9. Rolex

10. Ferrari

11. Kweichow Moutai

12. ICBC

13. Etisalat

14. Viettel

15. Swisscom

16. Toyota

17. Jio

18. Bank of China

19. Chanel

20. State Grid Corporation of China

21. EY

22. China Construction Bank

23. Life Insurance Corporation

24. State Bank of India


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