The scandal took its toll. OpenAI delays launch of ambitious GPT Store project

The scandal took its toll. OpenAI delays launch of ambitious GPT Store project

December 4, 14:56 Share:

OpenAI will not launch GPT Store in 2023 (Photo: Reuters)

OpenAI has postponed the launch of the GPT Store project, which would allow anyone to sell and distribute chatbots customized by users themselves.

At its developer conference in November, OpenAI said the store would launch later this month. The company subsequently said it plans to launch it in December.

Now OpenAI claims that Unexpected things” prevented work on the launch of the market, so it is postponed to 2024, The Verge and Bloomberg report, citing an email from the company.

OpenAI noted that the company continues to work on the store, but customers should also expect updates to the chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT and improvements to some functions of the special GPT platform.

As NV Techno wrote, on November 6, OpenAI announced at its first developer conference that users will be able to start creating their own versions of ChatGPT without having to learn coding. It was also announced that there will be a store where users can find custom chatbots from other users and earn money from their own.

The plans were hindered by the scandal with the dismissal of OpenAI management. On November 17, the board removed CEO Sam Altman, who allegedly failed to « consistently outspoken» and this interfered with his ability to perform his duties. The decision led to five days of chaos in the company: there were significant changes in senior positions, employees threatened to quit if Altman did not return, Altman himself announced that he was joining Microsoft. Eventually the company's board of directors was changed, with Sam Altman returning as CEO.

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